For the Morning (John Jea)

John Jea

I hear thy voice, O God of grace,
That loudly calls fro me;
That I may rise and feel thy face,
Before the dawning day.

While others still lie in their beds,
And have no thought to pray,
Their sleep doth still keep them secure,
Like death, upon the frame.

But, O my God, ’tis thou that hears
My mourning feeble cries;
I cry for grace, thy Spirit’s aid,
Before the sun do rise.

That like the sun I may fulfil,
My bus’ness of the day;
To give the life that Jesus did,
To go and preach to-day.

O like the sun I would fulfil,
My duties and obey;
Thy Spirit’s voice that speaks within,
And tells me keep the day.

Conversations with God, ed. James Melvin Washington, p. 21

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels